Principal's Message

From the desk of Principal

Dr. Sonita Satsangi


Govt. Rajeev Lochan College was established with the motive of development and enhancement of higher education in the rural areas of Rajim and nearby places. Rajim is well known and enriched with art, culture, religion, civilization of language from ancient time. In the modern prospective of globalization of higher education, we have to maintain the rule, regulation, standardization and quality of higher education in our institute. Our focus is on the eco-friendly, quality, and holistic environment along with the curricular and non-curricular activity.

College always tries to give quality teaching- learning method, student-support and progression work, research scope, best practices and innovation method to the rural students. College has also given lot of facilities to the students like NSS, NCC, Red Cross, sport activity, Library, cultural platform. There is need of innovative, modern, competitive quality of higher education in Rajim and nearby places which the college has been trying to provide at its best. Development and improvement in the standard of college will open a new perspective in the direction of higher education.