Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

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IQAC ensures the proper implementation of academic calendar. As per the suggestion of IQAC, a feedback analysis committee is formed to review the feedback received from students. Appraisal report of nonteaching staff is received from head of the department /head clerk. Attendance registers and daily teaching diary is maintained. The examinations are held quite smoothly by the active participation of the staff. Evaluation of teaching / learning is done by means of unit tests, quarterly and pre-final exams. The teachers have been quite supportive to the academic need of the students by offering them laboratories, sports and extension activities etc. Many of the teaching staff and students are members of different Committees pertaining to different activities. The decisions pertaining to important issues are communicated to the teachers by the principal and the IQAC committee, who in turn communicate them to the students.Since quality enhancement is a continuous process, the IQAC becomes a part of the institution's system and works towards realization of the goals of quality enhancement and sustenance. The prime task of the IQAC is to develop a system for conscious, consistent and catalytic improvement in the overall performance of institutions. IQAC has been instrumental in setting up and improving quality circle in the institution since its inception.

In this institution, IQAC was set up in the year 2014, however became active from 2015.


  • The primary aim of IQAC is to develop system for improving academic and administrative performance.

  • Promote quality enhancement for providing quality education.

  • Introduce modern methods and technologies in the area of teaching learning.

  • Provide equal access to quality education to various sections.


Senior teacher member


Corporate Member


Alumni Representative


Expert member


Students representative


Admin./ Technical member representative


Chairman & Coordinator



Meeting held Twice in a year.

Planning / Suggestion for quality enhancement

Monitoring the academic activities.

Assessment of proposed plan execution.

Observation of feedback analysis

Best Practices

Implementation of semester system with choice-based course.

Continuous assessment.

Improved pattern of question paper.

Introduction of project work for PG courses in some subjects.

Introduction of assignment system in UG courses.

Implementation of honors courses.

Introduction of skill-based carrier-oriented courses.

Motivation towards research activities.

Implementation of projection worth all students.

Presentation of evaluated answer book after result publication.

Session wise planning, execution and achievements

IQAC Meeting Minutes
1. Contribution and Action by IQAC (2018-19)
2. 2018-19
3. 2017-18
4. 2016-17
5. 2015-16
6. 2014-15
Sr. No. Session Activities Name Downloads
1. 2018-19 to be uploaded...
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2. 2017-18 Student Induction for all academic program (12 augest 2017)
One day workshop on students career guidance (10 september 2017)
One day program of extra mural lecture (03 november 2017 )
Student induction for skill based course (29 january 2018)
Student orientation programm on how to solve the question in examination hall( 2 april 2018)
3. 2016-17 One day Workshop on Examination reforms : evaluation system and its prospects (18 march 2017)
One day workshop on quality education and constitution of quality cell at district level (16 january)
4. 2015-16 Two days Training program for entry of college & student data using SLCM software (14 and 15 september 2015)
New education policy consultation program (24 september 2015)
Workshop on academic and examination reforms for quality education (30 january 2016)
Students feedback program(23 june 2016)
5. 2014-15 One day workshop on academic and examination reforms (13 JULY 2014)
One day induction program: semester system in our college (19 JANUARY 2015)
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1. 2018-19
2. 2017-18
Important Documents
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1. Program Outcome 2017-18
2. Program Outcome 2016-17
3. Program Outcome 2015-16
4. Program Outcome 2014-15